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Ajay Dhunna - Freelance PPC Consultant London & Birmingham

Looking for some to help with your Google Adwords PPC?

My name’s Ajay Dhunna – I provide a full end-to-end PPC consultancy and management service to help businesses grow, reduce their digital marketing costs and increase ROI. I work with businesses throughout UK, US and Australia. 

So, why can you trust me?

First and foremost, I’m a Google AdWords Partner – for you this means peace of mind that I’m certified to do all that I do, and that I can deliver on all that I say.
Moving on, I also have more than two decades of PPC experience – spanning from Google AdWords, onto Bing and every other major search engine in-between (that are so often overlooked, yet can deliver results that are just as compelling).
Ultimately? My defining competitive edge is my ability to provide a complete strategy – incorporating all strands of your marketing – at a fraction of the cost of a digital agency.

But then again, these are just my words.
You shouldn’t believe all that you see, read and hear out here in cyberspace. There are so many people in my industry who promise the world on a stick, and deliver not even a dog-licked lolly. So, don’t take my word for anything. Take my happy clients’ instead.

“Working with an experienced PPC Freelancer like Ajay, has allowed me to grow my Sales and Leads tremendously, without having to sign up for long-term commitments which agencies would normally want from you. Thus, I have been able to put the savings back into my marketing and continue to grow my business. I highly recommend Ajay.”

“The thing I like about Ajay is he has the knack of being able to explain what he is doing to help grow our business through Google Adwords as well as Bing, in plain simple English! He is also fantastic in helping you understand the road-map we are going to take in order to take our paid search campaigns, from strength to strength and comes up with great innovative ideas and strategies.”

“Ajay is such an experienced PPC expert, he helps you to step back and review what we are doing, our objectives, and has the ability to create fantastic Adwords campaigns, which time and time again, simply work. We are now in discussions with Ajay on way to expand our marketing campaigns into other channels.”

Why should you go freelance, rather than to an agency?

Let’s face it, you have a world of options before you. So, let’s cover 4 solid reasons why freelancers have the edge, over agencies.
1. You won’t be paying over the odds, for overheads that cost the world – rates, bills and a whole load of other charges. I’m a lean, mean, freelancing machine.
2. You get versatility and a strategy tailored around your service – not some package that’s been ill-designed as a one size (often doesn’t) fit all.
3. You won’t get railroaded into a restrictive contract for 12 months.
4. You won’t be giving your money to someone where results aren’t guaranteed. My income, is tied to the results I get for you. Full stop. If I want to eat, I better secure some impressive results for you.

So, what can I help you with?

I’ve worked with everyone from wonderful sole traders to big brands – on campaigns with click budgets that range from £100 to £6,500 per month.
I know what it takes to secure results. I’ll deliver leads and sales. No question. Here’s a rundown of my services…
Full PPC Account Audit – For capitalising on what’s working, and eradicating what’s not.
Google Analytics analysis – For better insight, and better business results.
PPC Account Setup – For the optimal standing start
Account Re-structuring – For improved campaign performance and boosted conversions.
AdWords and Bing Search campaign Optimisation – For an all-round increase in the results you’re achieving.
Competitor Intelligence – Discover what competitors are doing and gain competitor advantage.
Conversation Rate Optimisation – For making more of the visitors who arrive at your website – fostering purchases, nurturing enquiries.

What next?

Let’s talk about all that PPC can do for you – call me or use the quick contact form to the right and I’ll be right back in touch. I can even come to visit if a face-to-face is the way in which you work.

Here’s my direct number, 07866 555 555, and

It’s going to be nice to meet you.

So, shall we talk about what I can do for you?
Lets Talk.

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