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PPC Management (Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)… it’s capable of incredible things – immediate virtual footfall to your website, laser precise targeting of online browsers and advertising on a global platform with an exceptional ROI (when done right, that is).


With PPC, you have all that you need to target potential customers who are actively looking for the very products or services that you provide.

Without PPC, and without showing up in front of your target customers’ eyes, your competitors are undoubtedly stealing your customers away.


Whoa there! Just what is PPC, anyway?

In the simplest sense, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is online advertising. You pay a fee for words you define (such as ‘plumbers in London’, or ‘dentist in Birmingham’), which will then show up at the top of the Google search results, or any other similar search engine (such as Yahoo! or Bing).

There’s a lot of buzz around PPC, and rightly so. Try these stats on for size…

Businesses make an average of £3 in revenue for every £1 they spend on Adwords

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google Search

The top 3 paid ad spots get 41% of the clicks on the page


So, just how can I help you?

Well, in many ways, actually – here’s but a brief taster of the PPC services I provide…

  • Website audits – which ensure that your website structure and pages gain maximum sales/enquiries.
  • Initial keyword research to hone in on the right keywords.
  • Setup of the PPC account.
  • Setup of your Adwords conversion tracking as well as Google Analytics integration.
  • Creation of all Ad text which will nurture the most click throughs
  • Implementing tools to monitor the performance & costs of your PPC account.
  • Daily/Weekly analysis of conversion rates.
  • Strategic implementation & management of display campaigns.
  • Setup and ongoing management of remarketing campaigns.
  • Monthly reporting and strategic PPC account analysis.
  • Full telephone and email support as well as face-to-face PPC consultancy.

And don’t worry if a lot of this sounds like techno mumbo-jumbo – if you’re fresh to the world of PPC, just know that this little list means I can help your business capitalise on the promise of PPC. Without question.


Need more? How about my other PPC Services?


PPC Training

My PPC training will provide all that you need to setup and manage your own PPC campaigns in-house – for beginners, intermediates and every one in-between – I can work with you alone, or you and your core team and members of staff. By the end of the day, you’re going to be raring to go with your account all setup – live and ready to generate visitors. In-between then though, they’ll be some vital pointers, strategies and insight that I’ll provide that will ensure every campaign you craft from here on in, will be a success.


PPC Masterclass Events

My PPC Masterclasses travel the length and breadth of the UK (although they mostly take place between Birmingham and London); during this event, you’re going to be welcomed into my PPC world – a world where there’s a portfolio of PPC campaigns worth over £16m!

Typically this is a one day affair that equips business owners with the knowledge they need to take PPC, and run with it.


PPC Audit

Got a campaign up and running but it’s feeling like more of a limping, post-injury marathon? Not seeing the results that you’ve paid for? There are a million and one reasons why this could be happening – an audit digs deep to present you with insight.

Think of my PPC Audit as a health check – a comprehensive study of everything that could be impacting your bottom line – missed keywords, PPC setup, landing page performance, everything. When it comes to the crunch, this will provide the answers as to what’s not working, what could be better and where you’re missing out on huge opportunities.


PPC Mentor Service

So, you want to tackle PPC by yourself? Getting to grips with PPC can pay serious dividends, with the right know-how.

This is by-your-side, always on the end of the phone, ready when you are kind of mentoring. Support that will help you in grappling with PPC to score some big business wins. This is a service that will ultimately help you to help yourself, train your staff and grow your business through PPC.

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