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Ajay Dhunna - PPC Consultant

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Looking for a PPC Guy? Well, asides from that bright yellow logo over there – here’s how you know that you’re in the right place…
✔ I’m a Google Partner (for you, this means peace of mind)
✔ I’ve a proven track record (scroll down to hear from my happy clients)
✔ I have years of web design experience. With an ex-web developer managing your campaign, your budget is going to work a whole lot harder – with visitors led from PPC click, to purchase.
✔ I look after businesses from every industry, of every size, with a wild array of budgets – whatever yours is, I can secure results.
My name’s Ajay Dhunna – and I’m your guy if you’re seeking out Online Marketing in the form of Pay Per Click, Conversion Rate Optimisation, or Social Media Marketing.

Oh, and I’m very good at what I do.

But you shouldn’t simply take my word for it – you can hear all about me (and my services) from these happy clients below…

“Working with an experienced PPC Freelancer like Ajay, has allowed me to grow my Sales and Leads tremendously, without having to sign up for long-term commitments which agencies would normally want from you. Thus, I have been able to put the savings back into my marketing and continue to grow my business. I highly recommend Ajay.”
Dave, Learning247.co.uk

“The thing I like about Ajay is he has the knack of being able to explain what he is doing to help grow our business through Google Adwords as well as Bing, in plain simple English! He is also fantastic in helping you understand the road-map we are going to take in order to take our paid search campaigns, from strength to strength and comes up with great innovative ideas and strategies.”
Kirsty, PurelyShutters.co.uk

“Ajay is such an experienced PPC expert, he helps you to step back and review what we are doing, our objectives, and has the ability to create fantastic Adwords campaigns, which time and time again, simply work. We are now in discussions with Ajay on way to expand our marketing campaigns into other channels.”
Khaled, OakFurnitureKing.co.uk

Let’s get back to the importance of my web design know-how

Your adverts have been meticulously set up – with perfect copy, calls-to-action and optimal campaign settings. Your targeting is laser precise – and your overall campaign is practically perfect in every way. You launch, you get hit after hit. Yet no conversions.
For many businesses this problem is insurmountable. And this problem stems from the fact that the campaign has been set up without a professional eye over the complete marketing process – and the website that leads beyond the PPC advert.
This is where I differ. As a marketing professional and former web developer, I consult. I tell you what to do, why you should do it, and how you can go about it – in your marketing plan, or on your website. Ultimately this makes everything a whole lot smoother – for you, this means more sales.

Reporting (without the discombobulating wishy-washy and befuddling fluff)

If you’ve previously faced reams upon reams of baffling data stuffed into some description of a report, fret not – I know that you need to know about results. About sales, profit and conversions. About bang-for-your-buck. That’s why my reports are simple – telling you exactly what your budget is achieving in terms of pounds and pence.
I painstakingly pick over setting up analytics and reporting – and for you, this just means that I’m always measuring your campaign’s performance – and most importantly, measuring it accurately. At the end of the day, this makes sure I meet the objectives set out by you.

Teaching, tutoring, spreading some of my words (for better PPC campaigns, everywhere)

When I’m not working on my next campaign, I’m busy hosting digital marketing webinars, speaking at marketing events and putting on PPC workshops – looking after between 15 and 300 people at a time. Sound interesting? Find out what I’m next up to by popping me over a message using that contact form, right there, to the right.
All in all, I’m easy-going and I live, eat and sleep digital marketing (heck, I don’t sound off Zzz’s when I doze, I snooze Www’s).

So, shall we talk about what I can do for you? Lets Talk

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